The word is a combination of two Sanscrit words ‘pancha’ means five and ‘karma’ is action.there are five different kinds of treatment to eliminate the impurities and eradiate the basic cause of disease-Panchakarma revitalizes the tissues also.By this detoxification takes place.


The oleation therapy helps to melt and liquefy impurities from all parts of the body.After being in a liquid state it is brought to the stomach and intestine.Impurities from the stomach is removed through mouth by vomiting and those from the intestines are brought out by purgation and enema.Then the impurities are removed through Panchakarma treatment.According to Ayurveda , oil massage and bath taken everyday is good for eyes,strength,longivity,good sleep and to get a good texture of the skin.


Message brings stability to the body with well developed muscles.Small fibroma can also be dissolved by the massage.Ayurveda powder massage is to reduce the fat tissue in the body.It will provide a good shape to the body.Blood circulation can also be improved.


By doing Shiridhara one gets complete relaxation of mind and body.It is good for the brain ,mental pease,and tension free life,good sleep,to improve memory power and to reduce anger.Recent research shows that this therapy induces vasodialation within the brain,increases the flow of oxygen to the brain,nourishing the nervous system.

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